• Diving Suits

    INGLESE Quality, Style and Tailoring tradition. Diving Suits Proudly handmade in Italy, in DiveSystem.
    Dry Suits in Neoprene or Trilaminate, sealed with Aquasure to last a lifetime. Chosen and trusted by the best military and special forces in Italy, Europe, and Worldwide.

  • BCDs

    Made in Italy in DiveSystem, since 1993. Handmade tradition, experience, best quality materials and attention to details.  This is the way we made our BCDs, for the best reliability, performances, and safety. DiveSystem BCDs are chosen and trusted by the Best Military and Special Forces in Italy, Europe, and Worldwide.

  • Accessories

    All the Accessories that you need for your next Scuba Diving Adventure. Proudly Made in Italy

  • Tech Fins

    Born from enormous pressures, made by skilled hands. Proudly Made in Italy in DiveSystem. To make a single rubber fin we use many tons of weight for about 15 minutes. This is the difference upon the others. This is how a fin for Tech diving have to be made.

  • SideMount
  • Regulators, Gauges, Hoses

    Discover DiveSystem range of Regulators and Octopus.

  • Diving Lights

    A full range of diving LED lights for recreational and technical diving. From the smallest and lightweight to the most powerful Speleo light.
    Made in Italy.

  • Undersuits

    A whole range of Tailor made Undersuit for any kind of water and any kind of Dry Suit. Made in Italy, in DiveSystem.

  • DSW | Swiss Watches

    Discover the DSW G.A.3, an unique 199 pieces limited Swiss made mechanical watch, made by DiveSystem (the modern supplyer of the Italian Navy) to commemorate the Italian special forces (incursori) raid (named G.A.3) in the port of Alexandria during World War II. The DSW G.A.3 001/199 has been accepted by Gold Campaign Medal Emilio Bianchi (1912-2015) that was the last living Italian Navy seal of the G.A.3 mission.